Monday, November 26, 2012

People driving cars!

Let me tell you, there are a lot of hills in Seattle. What else is there a lot of? Rain! My favorite thing of all is, a stop light on top of the hill, turning red when it is raining! Oh boy, so much fun. The light turns red, and suddenly I have to stop on a hill at least at a 40 degree angle. My nervous system obviously goes into flight or fight response. I start getting tachycardic, and hyperventilating, and basically freaking the F out. Why do you ask? I happen to be extremely scared of the light turning green, me pressing on the pedal, the car screeching, rolling backwards, crashing into someone behind me, and all hell ensuing.
Of course, the person in the car behind me has no idea this is happening, so they decide it is a great idea to pull up RIGHT BEHIND ME - I MEAN LIKE SO CLOSE THEIR CAR ALMOST TOUCHES MINE. I am like HELLO PEOPLE, don't you know I AM ON A HILL, I will indeed move backward when i try to switch my foot over to the gas pedal. WHY CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND THIS? and leave a little space behind me? I know the back of my car is irresistible, but really let's try to keep at least some distance between us? Okay? Thanks!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

What I need to do!

I have been very very bad lately. School is terrible, well not it isn't really terrible. It's just tough. I have to find the strength and the courage to face it's challenges, and stop being so awfully lazy! If I wasn't so lazy I could be extremely brilliant! I have to try. I have to stop this evil laziness inside me, and realize my true potential. I know I can do great, and I will! Today WILL be the last day of my laziness. I will suffer it no longer. Oh, I really hope I can. I have a paper to write, an exam to study for, and a million of other things to do. So I have to be responsible and do them.

On another note, if you enjoy romance movies, set in the 1800, you will love North and South drama series from BBC. I just watched it yesterday, and I cried for 3 hours straight. It was truly a great experience. I also plan to read the book later as well. When I have time away from school of course!

Included is our Halloween picture, it wasn't great, and I have not enjoyed it, but I am lucky that my friends care for me so much to keep inviting me places even if I keep expressing my contempt for such invitations (:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mt. Baker 2012, and my new but already dying passion!

This past weekend we went and climbed Mt. Baker. We did the climb in two days, camping out near the last batch of trees xP.
The day was cloudy so it wasn't too cold or too hot. Just right. We set up our camp around 2:30pm so there was still plenty of time to do things. Dad trained his underlings in self arrest and other useful things, while Tim and I just relaxed in the tent. Lucky for me Tim brought "borsht" soup with us to the camp, so we had good food to eat ;). We also happened to have some killer delicious sandwiches. Went to sleep around 9pm or so and got up at 4am the next morning. While everyone took their sweet time dressing up and having breakfast it was around 5 when we finally left the camp, and set out for the summit.
At first the weather was very foggy and I was a little upset because I hate climbing mountains in bad weather. However, luckily for me as we ascended higher the sun came out and we got to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
^ Tim, while the weather was still foggy

^I emerged from the clouds into a wonderful sunny day

^ Dad and co. below

^ The summit is not too far now!

My awesome dad!

Clouds are pretty awesome too!

Top of Mt. Baker ;)

Now about my new but already dying is...
Yep, piano. I decided to learn to play. However, I never have enough patience for these kinds of things So unfortunately I think I might not learn to play after all. I am trying though, what helps is that my coworker Jimmy also wants to play, so it motivates me. Actually that is how I got the thought to learn to play in the first place.

Today I went to the farmer's market in Lake City, it is located right by the library, and is actually pretty small. I'm glad I went though because they had a very delicious gluten, soy, and dairy free bread which I bought for $8. Of course I also got some apricots which smelled delicious too. I can't wait to get home form work and eat them all up! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

DroWA 2012

If you are a russian speaking person interested in active games and outdoor fun, you should definitely visit DroWa. It is a large gathering of the russian community with people either competing in a team or coming as spectators to support a team. The teams compete for the ultimate title of the champions and a $1000 check. Silly competitions are in the mix with serious things like arm wrestling, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, and etc. This was my first year visiting, and I thought it was rather fun. I enjoyed rooting for my favorite teams and seeing them win. Of course as with other large gatherings there were some negative sides to DroWA. One major downfall was the lack of toilet paper in the portal potties - that is awful! How are people supposed to use the toilet? That was one big organizational mistake. As well activities were started not quite on time, which wasn't a big issue for me, but could be for some people. Either way it was an interesting experience to have.
My favorite part was of course cheering for people and hanging out with friends by the fire after the day was over.
Come to think of it I have not slept for 36 hours ;_;. I drove to Cle Elum right after work on Saturday morning. Around 11 when I actually got there, I already had to go and help judge one of the alpine related competitions where people had to correctly use their equipment and clip themselves in to ropes on trees and other fun stuff xP. It took forever!! I was quite tired of it by the time it was done. In the evening there was also a musical performance by the teams, which was pretty funny to watch. Mostly I bonded with the two guy Jenya's that were there and this one guy with a six pack Vitalik. I also got carried around in people's arms. That was kind of awesome. I like it when I am treated like a princess.
Some pictures from the event:

Almost forgot yesterday was 4th of July! Haha. Mine went rather well. I had very little sleep as expected. I dressed up super cute wearing mine Jason Wu dress because I thought me and Adrie were going to go to Gas Works Park, but it was not to be. Instead we went out to Bret's on Angle lake and spent some time there. Our attempt at paddle boating failed miserably because we really sucked at steering the boat! Boris cooked up some pretty delish salmon and Emma made pretty good tasting cake-pops. That girl has such huge boobs its ridiculous! Plus she and B are so cutesy it makes me sick a little bit. Made me all reminiscent of the time we were together. Not in a bad way though, it was more of a "aww I remember such good old days kind of thing". I'm glad it finally feels like that though. I never realized it was so hard getting over people, until I finally had to do it. But I digress, Adrie and I had to leave the party for a couple of hours and she rambled about her new "soulmate" with a weird name. She is sooooo upsets with him, i'm not sure it is good for her. However, who am I, to stop true love in the making? Adrie believes that it is in the making, so I will watch her ride the wave. In the end I didn't even really get to see the fireworks, but that is okay though. I'm pretty sure they were not THAT spectacular.

Tim has been kind of getting on my nerves lately I don't know why. It is not good. It could be because I have not seen him for some time? Or maybe because he is being annoying about making me do things on time. I understand that it is bad that I don't do some things when I promise to do them, but it is just the kind of person I am, I don't need you to get all naggy about it. But he does.

At lease Jimmy who's real name is actually James...Bond, lol, is pretty awesome at work. He makes my Mondays and Tuesdays really great and enjoyable. I wish we worked together all week, than work would be such a party, I'd probably not even complain. In my mind James always seemed so nice and polite, I never thought he could ever say anything dirty, but I guess he can. When I came back from droWA on Monday and my face was all red and sunburned, I told him he can't make fun of my whiteness any longer. He said, I'm sure some parts are still white. Giggles for days after that statement. Then later he had a song playing called prison sex, ahaha so much fun that brought us. It went all downhill from there, ending somewhere around tentacle rape. Ah so much good times!!!! (:

Friday, June 22, 2012

Gloomy Mornings!

It is a pretty gloomy morning here in seattle! Not a surprise. I actually enjoy our gloomy mornings. Because I work at night and have to sleep during the day, it is much easier for me to sleep when the weather is gloomy, so Seattle signature weather suites me, hahaha. ;)
Today I'm getting the oil changed in my dear car, so I'm at Lake City Toyota. Pretty neat place, and my technician looks good and friendly. xP
Here is my mug shot from the place ^^^
On another note, I was at SPB (seattle bouldering project) on Tuesday, and boy did I have a workout! If you want a six pack to pop out right out of your abdomen, please do the Ab-core workout with Jen. I died. My muscles still hurt, I can barely turn, walk, or move. It feels good though! I'm excited to have super nice abs, as a result of my suffering.
So enjoy your gloomy weather, or not so gloomy, as long as you have a smile on, it should be quite alright! right?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Organizing a new place! Forget me not.

Forget me not. Screams like every item in my old home, and all the items on my "to buy" list, that I need to shop about for my new place. Moving to a new place is exciting, but at the same time, so overwhelming! So many things need to be done, and I keep feeling as if I am forgetting something. I probably am.

While my mind is in a whirlwind, feast your eyes on the "not so great wheather - so we will not go up onto Mt. Stuart" scenery from last weekend.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How much I dislike work.

My favorite co-worker Jimmy has left our work, and life here seems to just get worse and worse! Now my other co-worker Missy is leaving and I'm stuck with all newbies...and Kevin who I don't really like all that much. Ah, and our residents are not getting any easier to take care of as the days go by.
My dislike of working makes me wonder if I will hate working all my life, no matter what job I have? I don't know, but I sure hope not. I wish I could love my job and go to work everyday with a happy smile. I wish I could miss my work while I was away on vacation, and on Sunday evening I wish I was glad the next day would be Monday. But it seems it cannot be so, at least for now. So I have to endure my work 5 nights a week, and cherrish my meagerly two days off. :(
Now it seems I have to stay at work until the end of August. That makes me really upset - 3 whole long months to go. Ahhh, will this ever be over. I have no one but myself to blame of course. I didn't take care of my teeth when I was younger, and now am charged with paying off $7000 for my implant that I shall be getting soon.
I have to admit my work is not  quite that hard. Sure I have to endure the smell of poop and urine, and oldness all the time, but at least we have some time to just sit and relax, or write a blog....
The job is actually not really that bad, and I don't dislike it all THAT much. Well I do dislike it a decent amount though. Maybe I feel that way because it is at night? Screwing with my health and eating habbits and all......Daylight, I miss you.
I look so white, like a Vampire, because I barely ever get to enjoy the sunshine anymore...
I also moved this weekend, but more on that later.
Hope the rest of the world enjoys their jobs. *Wishful thinking*